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Whether you need to control workforce costs, staff hard to fill positions or hire a large workforce for peak demand, ISCS staffing services can help you achieve your goal.

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We’ve supplied many staffing solutions in a number of industries in our time.
Our experience has taught us key similarities and critical differences.

To support our clients’ success,
we strive to be a business partner that understands industry trends as well as the local business environment. Let us put our industry experience to work for you.

Learn how ISCS’s staffing services can make your business more competitive.

Your Staffing Solution

Permanent Placement

  • Extensive interview with the client to determine exactly the individual needed for the position.
  • Large recruiting structure insures proper candidates will be allocated.
  •  Full screening of applicants prior to introduction to employer.
  • Assist in final interview and application process.
  • Guarantees on services and candidates for peace of mind placement.

Your Staffing Solution

Temporary Placement

  • Provide day to day labour/staff to companies where certain predicaments have left them short handed
  • Working interview (clients can have an indvidual work for them prior to hiring)
  • All payroll and WCB covered by ISCS until the employer decides they would like to hire the individual
  • No commitment, Have an employee work under ISCS payroll for as long as you like and not have to worry about termination of position.
  • Cover for when your staff are ill or away on holidays.

Your Staffing Solution

International Staffing

  • Provide quality employees from abroad
  • All skill levels, ie: General labour, trades, Management and certified candidates
  • ISCS handles all immigration papers ie: LMO Application, Health care, social insurance numbers, Bank accounts
  • Assist with providing living establishments that suit the needs of the individuals
  • Accompany all staff during first week arrival to Canada and attend orientation to work site.
  • ISCS includes social events, introduction to Canadian culture, assisted living program.
  • COR certified trainers routinely educate and promote Health and safety in the workplace.